Energy efficiency and renewable energy

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are the two most often mentioned terms in the context of sustainability and environmental protection. Primary objectives of a community renewable strategy, along with environmental protection and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, include the development of innovative technologies in all areas of human activities and increasing the quality of life.

Our services

  • Project proposals and application of project proposals for co-financing
  • Project development and project management
  • Preparation and development of energy efficiency and renewable energy concepts
  • Implementation of European funded R&D and demonstration projects
  • Energy audits in buildings and industry
  • Energy certification according to Croatian laws and regulations, and in cooperation with iC group LEED and BREEAM certification
  • Technical and financial analyses, and verification of technical and financial models
  • Project supervision
  • Consultancy related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

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Srećko Lačen

Licenced mechanical engineer

+385 42 314 473

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