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Security of supply is one of the key elements in society development. The development of every community is closely related to availability of all resources in every moment therefore infrastructure plays an important role in increasing the living standard.

We offer our clients all services related to infrastructural objects for gas and water supply, infrastructural objects for sewage and water treatment, electrical energy supply, telecommunication infrastructure, public lighting, etc.

Our services

  • distribution networks for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas for the primary, secondary and tertiary system
  • main pipelines and pressure reducing and metering stations of primary networks for natural gas
  • main water pipelines for large and small settlements including pumping stations and water reservoirs
  • wastewater drainage for large and small settlements including wastewater treatment plants and wastewater network pumping stations
  • MV and LV electrical energy grids and connections including transformer stations
  • distribution grids for telecommunication infrastructure
  • public street and residential lighting

Contact persons:

Srećko Lačen

Licenced mechanical engineer

+385 42 314 473

Tihomir Sajko

Licenced electrical engineer

+385 42 314 472

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