Biomass Prefeasibility Studies for 15 DH companies in Serbia


Duration: from 9/2/2013 to 4/30/2014 | Services: Data investigation and summary, Elaboration of detailed tasks, drafting maps and concept design documents, harmonization of results and reports with both teams

Project objectives

The project aims at facilitating the development of a market for biomass and supporting the sustainable use of biomass in the generation of heat and electricity in Serbia. In terms of capital investments, the Serbian government and KfW envisage the construction of several biomass-fired CHP-plants in cooperation with the DHC in order to tap into the vast energy potential of biomass in Serbia and – increase the efficiency of heat and electricity generation in Serbia by introducing a fuel efficient energy technology.

Project data

15 district heating companies, 500 MW installed heating capacity, 5 – 84 MW installed heating capacity per plant, 400.000 t/a biomass demand preliminary estimated, 1.300 GWh/a biomass energy demand preliminary estimated, 100 Mio Investment

Project specifics

Large number of locations to be investigated within a very limited time.

Photos: iC Arhiva

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