Energy study, energy certification and main designs for energy refurbishment of a school


Duration: from 4/2016 to 12/2016 | Usluge: Preparation of an energy study (concept), preparation of energy audits and energy certificates, preparation of main designs for energy refurbishment

Project objectives

The main goal of this assignment is the preparation of an energy study to identify cost-optimal solutions for the energy renovation, as well as preparation of energy certificates for primary school and gym “Braća Radić” Koprivnica. The identified solutions in the energy study are then formulated into main designs for energy refurbishment according to requirements.

Project data

Net building area: 4.696 m²

Project specifics

Preparation of a detailed energy model in accordance with Algorithm for calculation of energy properties of buildings
Preparation of a cost-optimal analysis
Installation of ventilation with heat recovery

Photos: iC Arhiva

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