Hydrotechnical laboratory BOKU

Viena | Austria

Duration: from 8/17/2016 to 11/7/2018 | Services: Conceptual design and outline design.

Project objectives

The main objective is to prepare designs for all installations (HVAC, water and sewage and electrical installations) on the level of concept design and main design for a hydrotechnical laboratory on the Danube in Vienna. The installation is planned in such a way so that it meets high energy efficiency criteria and uses renewable energy sources for heating and cooling as much as possible.

Project data

Hydrotechnical laboratory
Net building area: 10.000 m²

Project specifics

University laboratory that fulfills required high standards to conduct hydrotechnical research.
The laboratory conducts hydrotechnical sampling and testing.
The project documentation was created using BIM software solutions.

Photos: ATP architekten ingenieure

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