Ljubljana | Slovenia

Duration: from 2/18/2016 to 2/5/2021 | Services: Conceptual design, outline design, execution design and as built design.

Project objectives

The main objective is to prepare designs for all installations (HVAC, gas, water, sewage, electrical installations, fire alarm, BMS and a photovoltaic powerplant) on the level of the concept design, main design and execution design for a new IKEA in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Project data

IKEA store
surface area 32.300 m²

Project specifics

The first IKEA store in Slovenia. The usage of renewable energy sources (underground water for the HVAC instlations and a photovoltaic powerplant on the roof with an output power of 550 kW). The project documentation was created using BIM software solutions.

Photos: ELEA iC

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